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Key to All Types of Trace Mineral Deficiency
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Key to All Types of Trace Mineral Deficiency


The efficacy of trace minerals is an important issue in modern poultry nutrition. Micro minerals are essential for normal growth and many metabolic processes in living organisms, as they are catalysts or constituents of the enzymatic systems in many cells. They play a vital role in various metabolic, enzymatic and biochemical reactions, ultimately leading to better growth rate, egg production and feed efficiency. Deficiency or imbalance of any of these vital trace minerals results in deficiency disease, metabolic disorders, poor growth rate, low egg production, low hatchability and low feed efficiency.

Refer to the below table for important trace minerals and their deficiency symptoms.





Slow growth, mortality, reduced hatchability


Anemia,tibial dyschondroplasia ,loss of feather pigmentation




Sudden death.


Perosis, bone shortening and bowing and poor eggshell quality


Poor feathering, suppressed immune system, dermatitis, enlargement of hock joints, infertility, shortening and thickening of legbones


The availability of minerals from feed materials of plant origin as well as traditional inorganic sources, i.e., oxides, sulphates, or carbonates, is relatively low, wheras the mineral requirements of modern, high-producing lines layer and broiler chickens is very high. Trace Mineral antagonisms cause mineral imbalances resulting in problems with mineral utilization .This, along with the knowledge of the importance of minerals in immunological processes and reproduction, and the variable content of trace minerals in feed materials, has lead to their being added to poultry diets in high amounts, with a large safety margin, often exceeding the birds requirements in commercial practice. This can lead to a high concentration of minerals in animals’excretion and their accumulation in the environment, especially in areas of intensive poultry production.

Organic forms of trace minerals prevent the creation of indigestible complexes with some anti-nutritive dietary compounds in the intestine and protect against reciprocal mineral antagonisms. In addition, they offer a much more effective way of absorption and may have higher availability as a source of minerals for birds and prevent accumulation of excess minerals in the environment.


Zagrosol Minpro is a combination of limiting amino acids, macro minerals and organic trace minerals, in the form of liquid supplement. It is designed to enhance poultry performance such as weight gain, feed efficiency, semen quality, fertility, hatchability and decrease motality rate and to prevent mineral deficiency due to improper absorption of inorganic trace minerals by the small intestines. The minerals are organically bounded with amino acids to ensure better stability and more efficient absorption.



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