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Treating Calving Periods’ Calcium Deficiency
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Treating Calving Periods’ Calcium Deficiency


Calving period and the months afterwards are critical times for the dairy cows as most metabolic problems such as retained placenta, udder edema, milk fever, displaced abomasum and ketosis can occur during this period. Effective oral supplements can be used to help reduce the risk of such metabolic diseases and increase lactation performance. However, as calving approaches, some hormonal imbalance and other factors can cause drop in feed intake. As a result, not enough calcium may be absorbed to fulfill the increasing demand. Hence, supplementation of calcium becomes necessary.

A common problem with cows following calving is a degree of metabolic disruption. Demands for minerals such as Calcium and Magnesium are increased dramatically along with the demand for higher energy levels as the cow’s udder is transformed for full milk production. Cows failing to meet these demands can develop milk fever (hypocalcaemia) or ketosis (acetonaemia).Though the severe hypocalcemia of milk fever is rather easily treated by oral calcium solutions, cows that have recovered from milk fever are less productive and more susceptible to other metabolic and infectious diseases.

Zagro Calpozag is a stabilised formulation of concentrated calcium supplement specifically designed for dairy cows to meet the required calcium demand at calving. Calpozag also contains other particular ingredients such as propylene glycol which can help prevent ketosis by providing a readily available source of energy. It also contains a significant level of magnesium, enabling the animals to efficiently absorb much of the calcium from the diet, as well as a significant amount of B-vitamins to improve feed intake and metabolism of dairy cows which is very useful after calving.


Calpozag – Valuable guard for your dairy cow and Calves from calcium deficiency at the time of calving


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